Highlights from Students’ Comments


You will work hard in this class, but you will learn more than you ever knew there was to learn as well. If you put forth a solid effort you will do well and enjoy what you are learning.


Awesome class. Awesome instructor. She's laid back but expect to do your share of work! Provides insightful discussions in real life situations.


Leslie Bowman is tough, demanding, and the best instructor I have ever had.


Ms. Bowman was a phenomenal instructor with an expectation of excellence.  She was prompt in returning assignments and gave excellent fedback.  


Absolutely try to get this teacher for this class. She makes the class interesting, she interacts, she is quick to respond if you have a problem or question.


This class was very interesting and I think I gained a lot of information, as well as opinions about things that I didn't know I had. I took this class because the last class I had with you was so much fun and interesting. I have to say that my hopes were not let down, and I was very pleased with this class. You do things differently than many online teachers, but I have to say that it makes you learn a lot more. I wish all my teachers taught this way online


Hands down, she had to be one of the best teachers I have ever had.  She is very tough, but provides excellent tools to achieve to your highest potential.


Mrs. B. is an excellent teacher who challenges and push you to do your best. 


She is awesome! Always expected excellence but was very supportive.


I admire the balance you have created between being a highly competent, critical teacher and an empathetic peer. It is an uncanny combination.


I always love your classes and I will see you again next semester!! Is it bad that I take your classes for fun? Ha ha. No you are a great teacher and can't wait until your next class!!


You are so good about giving feedback.  Whether it is correction or praise, you are paying attention.  I appreciate that so much.  It isn't so in all my classes, in a couple I actually wonder if there is a teacher. 


Getting the opportunity to work with someone with as much integrity and commitment as yourself, has been inspirational and holds great meaning with not only regards to learning, but to life. I hope you know how much respect I have for you.


I appreciate how "normally" you have interacted with us--what a gift to relate to others in a non threatening way/sharing information to assist us in our professional and personal growth.


I enjoyed her teaching style--she was not so formal as to seem pretentious or intimidating.  She has a great on-line presence. She was warm and friendly which is difficult to achieve through the internet


Leslie Bowman is absolutely one of the best instructors I have had; she encourages thinking about abstract issues and makes coursework relevant to real life issues.


I very much enjoy taking your classes; I learn so much from you, and I very much enjoy the additional questions you post. Once I start thinking one way, you make me think a different way. I have never had a teacher like you.


I sincerely think of you as a mentor because if it hadn't been for your class last semester, I might have dropped out again, but you are so encouraging, even when I'm not meting my full potential. I really do thank you for being an educator, you really do mean a lot to me.


Thanks for the encouraging words last week and providing me with a safe outlet “to stomp my feet” and rant a bit. As you can see, I’m still here, thanks to your understanding.


Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed this summer class! I have taken lots of online courses, and never received so much guidance and involvement from an online instructor! Thanks for everything, and I look foward to being in your Cybercrime class in the following fall semester!


You set a great example for this class. You were "visible." You were prompt in grading. You modeled everything you expected of us. I worked hard not only because I wanted to learn, but also because I wanted you to respect me like I respect you.


Lee is the best! She has made me reach farther of myself than I thought I was able to, and for that I will be forever grateful! :-) 


You were always so caring. I have observed your support of other students who by all appearances seemed on the verge of quitting, and with a few sentences posted, turn their attitudes around.


I learned much more then you can imagine. Your guidance and understanding, your willingness to provide endless resources for every problem I had, and we both know, I had plenty :) gave me the support I needed when I felt like giving up. Thank-you!


Mrs. B. is a caring, compassionate, and well-educated individual. She is the ultimate professional, expecting the best and projecting that same standard in her communication with the class.


You complimented us on giving feedback to our classmates during discussions and peer review but we just followed your footsteps. Your comments were always given with purpose and kindness, which I appreciated. I am better prepared to accept what lies ahead.


Leslie has done everything in her power to make sure that her students succeed. There were many times when I thought I would have to quit do to outside problems and she was able to help me get back on track. There would be no way I would still be in the program with out her advice and help.


As a teacher, I appreciated how you responded to the inquiries; the answers were meant to entice us to think, rather than spoon-feed us the information. I felt you responded to us with empathy and encouragement, validating without taking sides. This was a positive learning experience and I am glad I had you as my teacher. Thank you.


Mrs. Bowman is one of the greatest instructors I have ever had!  She is positive, gives great advice, communicates continually with us, supports us, provides positive motivation with us, and continually gave us the feeling [and we know that she does] that she cares for us and the subject material.  She was a great teacher in every respect!  I would take any course with her again!


I wanted to thank you so very much for all you shared with me. As the days went by after I spoke with you, I recalled bits and pieces of what you said and 
a multitude of things fit into place, dreams began to formulate, and ideas for my future began to seep into the picture. What you told me was no less than 
pivotal for my understanding and appreciation of what I am doing with this degree.


I hope you know how very much I have appreciated your extremely thorough and professionally committed comments on my work.  I have been impressed beyond the expression of words at your level of dedication and follow through on assessing our work.  Being a teacher, I know how much time you are dedicating to assessing our work.


Thanks for pushing my limits in this class. Sometimes I felt overwhelmed with assignments and was ready to have a meltdown but getting comments about my work and emails like the ones you sent made all the difference.


THANK YOU! I enjoyed your guidance and trusted your judgment. I feel that you truly enjoy teaching because it shows in the effort that you put forth. You are very prompt with your responses, kind with your critiques, and guided our discussions nicely. I feel that you are a wonderful introduction to the on-line environment and that any student will enjoy your class.